Rich List 2017
The division of wealth
Billionaires share 63.6% of Rich List wealth
There are a record 134 billionaires in the 2017 UK Rich List, worth a total of £418.817bn. They account for 63.6% of the wealth of the 1,000 richest people in Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Division of UK wealth in 2017
The total wealth of the richest 1,000 people is £658.11bn
Sterling billionaires in Britain and Ireland
Total wealth of sterling billionaires in Britain and Ireland
Where the streets are paved with gold
Number of sterling billionaires per city, and their collective net worth
Countries with the most billionaires
Number of sterling billionaires with their combined wealth
Fortunes by region
The total wealth by region of the UK's richest 1,000, with the number of millionaires based in each area
Star signs of the richest 1,000 (where known)